Monday, July 16, 2012

Poor! Rich!

Poor! Rich!


I hunger, I sick;

I poor, you rich!


I birth, I Old;

I whore, I sold,

I labor, I pain;

I schlep, you gain,

I bellyache, you roar;

I Poor!


You birth, you young;

You customer, I sold,

You mistake, you scold,

Your story, you told,

Your diamond - you stich;

You Rich!


I vote, you rule,

I build, you school;

You decree, I fool,

I water your pool;

I blind!

I disease!

You shine!

You Seas!

I extinct!

I erased!

You blessed!

I bleed!

I resist! I terrorist!

You rule, I beast!

I scream, I insane,

You golf, your game!




  1. nice , different from yr regular stuff :)

    1. A very simple one this time...just thought of trying something imperfect. Will continue to improve on this style :-)

  2. well this is the best poetry i have read on poverty ...!! ok dnt get me wrng , u didnt glorify poverty as many ppl try to , but u have told der inner feelings in such simple yet powerful lines..great , post it in yr Fb page and tag more and more ppl to read...:)

    1. Thank you Saiket. I will ensure and try maximum reach. Happy that you could relate to the poem which is somewhat oddly done.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes...this is where we are and we can make some difference.

  4. Amazing..I say amazing Shams! The format..the words..the thought!
    I loved the offbeat format the most:)

  5. @AmitAagThanks Amit...I am trying to improve on this style and the subject is very close to my heart

  6. very simple yet deep....nicely penned

  7. loved your new style :) You always write great !!!


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