Saturday, October 20, 2012

It could be you!

It could be you!

When I turn the lights on,
I don’t seek for a vista;
I fear darkness!
I circumvent gestures,
I run towards you,
You! Distant moon;
Engulfing beauty in pristine land,
I pause! Lost!?
As if I saw a ghost;
I am thrilled every night,
Escapist, a dreamer,
I hallucinate – A better life,
A song,
Forever and so long,
Am I wrong?
Where can be my heart tonight?
Where do I belong?
So long!
I lost my thorn;
I am old but barely grown,
Pulsating conviction,
Hell! I am blown…

Geared up! Let me borrow for a while,
From that child,
Exchange my file,
A pile,
Of unsung sonnets and lyrical rhyme;
In this crowded habitat I belong to mine,
Overlooked and blind;
I lost my sunshine,
Trickling around my pillows,
Freedom exchanged to pay my fine!

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