Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Never Saw

I have never been to the peaks
I never saw the ocean, 
Never been to a land where it resides. 

The River - my companion, 
Never saw the foundation, 
I hope to see the end some day 
Cause I plan to see the sea 

I never saw those eyes, 
But I know the fear within; 
Of loss and hardship, 
When they sail the warship

I never know that language, 
But I can feel the odium; 
I am the kill today, 
Few more breadths, if escaped. 

I will never see the snowflakes, 
Nor the Ocean; 
The River – Not my chum now; 
In this tiny cell – my home now. 

Waiting for my turn in isolation
Darkness sometimes makes you look inside
Sometimes makes you gather courage; 
Courage to die, don’t even know the time and age. 

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