Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Unacceptable unaptness unbottoned,
Uncertainity unchained unconsciously;
Unctuous uncultivable underwritten unwillingly,
Unfruitful ungenteel unveiled unchangingly;

The fortunate dies the same death;
Your legacy unbolted- it’s late,
The fire tearing the mud or simply mud;
I am at the centre of life – I breathe!
Past, a history under the dust;
Future, contemplation of memories personified,
Baby steps are waste when it’s big strides,
Every night I shut off life;
Business on the other side of light!
We fight!
Our Right!
From within the crowd and a few hide,
Take your pledge!
Oh! Groom and the bride,
Take your pledge!
Beyond those barbwire and your fight!

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