Saturday, March 23, 2013


I am writing something of this sort after a long time. Hope you enjoy the write. The photo was taken in Hyde park during my visit to UK. Yes! i am trying my hand in photography. Cheers


I never expressed my shame!
There was no time,
I ran behind the graph of fame,
Forsaken and disdain;
My retribution beyond grain,
Today sunset and few trickle of pain.
Some aroma never leaves your sense;
Some music,
Some dance,
Sometimes I go back in time,
Tip toed, every moment, I rhyme.

Do you go back?
Dwindling pace;
Connecting dots in your way,
Refurbishing emotions while you stay,
I journeyed till the end,
From death to an infant;
Your new address embossed!
You lost but engrossed;
With time meanings gets lost;
Who survives!?
Who is the host?

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