Saturday, April 13, 2013

Breeding ground!

Breeding ground!
 After Color Enhancement
You are out to measure happiness;
Among the wilderness of humanity,
Emotions burned and buried,
In the never ending road of desire,
When his child begs in the rain,
A father goes insane,
When her daughter changes bed;
A mother is betrayed!
Some call it the law of nature,
Society customising its values,
Some call it abuse!?

Lovers turned friend at the end,
Friends are part time lovers,
Days are squat for a dreamer,
Few hours attuned from darkness,
Time is the new currency and armour,
There are more colours in a day,
Than a man’s whole life;
More imaginations in a verse,
Than your reality which is an accurse!

Who waters your tree of hope?
Who owns the rope?
The other end hanging in oblivion;
This end craving for a reason,
Burdens are many season,
Carved in the rock of deeds;
Your soil is moist and weeds free,
Its time!
Change your seeds…

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