Monday, March 12, 2012

The Enchantment

They say if you kill nature it’s a threat to our survival. I was out there surrounded by nature and I can tell you a day in the forest is more than many days in the spas of our concrete jungle. They say we should preserve nature. I say we cannot separate ourselves from nature and let us preserve ourselves for a better tomorrow. I say let us forget about a better tomorrow for our children….let us simply give them a better today and let them decide their tomorrow. Let us take them close to nature and make them fall in love with it…………..let them experience it ….let them feel it.

The Poem is Submitted for Open Link Night ~ Week 38
Open Link Night ~ Week 38
 The Enchantment

Here in the wilderness fog defeats the sun every day,
The moon is brighter than any other day;
'Cause the riverine has captured it in its bosom,
Enchanting flora all around with life in the bottom.

In this world of innocent life - far away;
The sky is always blue and sometimes grey;
You can feel the air and the moisture in each sun ray,
If not heaven I am closer today.

The evening lights resonated and strengthened my soul,
A defining moment for me - stories untold;
I lingered unadorned in the bank of this serene river,
The flow synchronized the child in me.

The mist touched me with a message of peace, lost in the concrete jungle,
And asked me not to unclothe the habitat;
The night sky smiled and the wind blew around me,
Welcoming me to their forever land, but never to dictate.

This is one of the feedback from one of my reader. I am absolutely delighted

Hello Shamsud,
Oh my goodness, the soft graceful tone, imagery and metaphor, are exquisite and lovely. There is such a tender and fragile beauty in your words. The impact is the power here-fantastic! You're an amazing poet and I would suggest changing one of the end lines words not to match, in the first and second lines.
How often I have wondered myself, how the world would look, if mankind had not civilized our earth with so many structures-chemical plants-freeways. But, we're surviving in all the change and are truly blessed with nature's beauty of what we have left to enjoy. There is still time to edit this write before judging takes place. You did an outstanding job  

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  1. yet another rocking post with green snaps :) KUDOS

  2. Thank you Deepak...happy that you liked my post

  3. i must got me enchated !

  4. beautiful...i agree with you philosophically as well...we can not seperate ourselves from nature...and life gives life...i just posted on the same...finding a special park in NYC that touched me in a similar way...

  5. Thank you Brian........This is an inspiration from one of my visit to a remote place close to Mumbai - India.


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