Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let it Unfold!

I meander when my mind goes down;
Wander when my thoughts are only sound;
Infinitesimal footsteps from the past,
Few survived the journey few breath their last,
Some yearning buried in my heart,
For death we took birth;
For a life…we all start!

We traverse in the boat of hope,
Suspended in fervent dreams – the rope!
A beginning needed for every start;
Religion is governed only by birth,
Smudged with time – far from the past,
Holistic deduction for a new path,
Love dictates the journey of the heart.
New world bounded by old Turf.

Sunshine cannot be potted,
Earth cordoned and fence dotted,
The ships are built but predilections jolted;
Here is your ticket!
Go find your world,
Loiter in the wilderness!
Find your soul – A heart of gold;
Many climates from today, your story will unfold,
Humanity – again in the molding;
Darkness is an excuse to tomorrow’s sunshine,
Valor can coagulate your frail spine! 


  1. I really like how you have weaved various truths and philosophies in it. Loved the ending lines of first verse and the beginning of third which is so true...


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