Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This is a very popular Poem from my collection and many people has used this poem in different ways to motivate and inspire others. Not sure how you take this poem. Let me ask you one question- Do you need a second chance?
The Poem was written during my school days

I walked to the gate of the old cemetery
a visit to an old friend’s tomb
to tell him that I still long
for his friendship and days bygone.
Rows and columns of lifeless stones
few very old and some so young.
Death showered on all of them
engulfing all hopes , aspirations and feckless shame.

One tombstone caught my eyes
written in gold all at once
the name, year and one more verse
“Alas, I had a second chance”.

“Alas, I had a second chance”
the young dead said.
Are we ready for that date?
Close your eyes, what you read?

Life is short and work too many,
look ahead and you can sense the ringing bell.
No one gets a second chance
when we move to lifeless trance.

Live life and sow good seed,
think again, what it should read?
“Wake me up and I will tell
amazing things, what I did”

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