Monday, December 4, 2023

Once Upon a Thief - Kindle Release

Once Upon a Thief


πŸ•΅️‍♂️ Unveiling the Shadows: The Intriguing Tale of "Once Upon a Thief" by Shamsud


After months of relentless dedication, the book "Once Upon a Thief" has been crafted that takes us on a heart-stopping journey through the mystique of North East India. "Once Upon a Thief," a crime thriller that digs deep into the pulse of Guwahati, is now available on Amazon Kindle, ready to captivate readers with its gripping narrative.


🚨 A Plot Woven in Shadows:

The story revolves around Aditya and Ria, who, running from their past, find themselves ensnared in a web spun by the mysterious Panchali. Officer Debojit, an honest cop, is hot on their trail, determined to decipher the enigma. The plot is a whirlwind, a fast-paced thriller that mirrors the complexities of its characters.


🏞️ Real Issues, Real Setting:

Guwahati's underbelly is vividly portrayed, tackling real problems like sewage, water treatment, and the Borsilla bill wetland. Shamsud seamlessly weaves these issues into the narrative, grounding the story in the realities faced by the city.


πŸ“š Kindle Edition Unleashed:

The Kindle version is now available for all eager readers on Amazon. Brace yourselves for an adrenaline-fueled ride through a plot as intricate and unpredictable as the shadows it conceals. Shamsud's storytelling prowess shines, creating an experience that is visceral and unputdownable.


πŸ“˜ Paperback Edition Coming Soon:

For those who relish the tactile feel of a paperback, fear not! The physical edition of "Once Upon a Thief" will hit the shelves in a few weeks. Stay tuned for the chance to hold this gripping tale in your hands.


πŸ” Dive into the Abyss:

Written by Shamsud, whose roots in Assam resonate through the narrative, "Once Upon a Thief" is more than a story; it's an exploration of deception, redemption, and the shadows that define us. Dive deep into the abyss and uncover the truths hidden within.


πŸ‘‰ Follow the Trail:

Join Shamsud on this thrilling journey. Follow his page for exclusive insights, updates, and a backstage pass to the unraveling mystery. Don't miss out on the excitement! πŸ“Έ [Link to Shamsud's Facebook Page]


πŸ“– Grab Your Copy:

The hunt begins now! Click the link to secure your Kindle copy and be prepared for the imminent release of the paperback edition. [Link to Kindle Version]


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