Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Unveiling the Success of "Once Upon a Thief": A Global Thriller that Demands Your Attention

Dear Readers,

🚀✨ The success of "Once Upon a Thief" has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I am thrilled to share this incredible journey with you. The heartwarming support from readers worldwide has turned this book into more than just a story; it's become a shared adventure, a conversation piece, and a thrilling escape into the underworld of Guwahati.

**1. Cinematic Thrills:**

"Once Upon a Thief" is more than a crime thriller; it's a cinematic experience that unfolds against the sultry urban jungle of Guwahati. The gripping narrative, filled with suspense, action, and moral dilemmas, promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

**2. Social Relevance:**

Woven seamlessly into the plot are social issues of water body preservation and sewage problems, adding depth and urgency to the unfolding drama. The story goes beyond the surface, encouraging readers to reflect on real-world challenges while enjoying a pulse-pounding tale.

**3. Global Access:**

Expressing immense gratitude for your tremendous support, "Once Upon a Thief" is now accessible on both [Amazon]( and [Flipkart]( The global accessibility ensures that readers from all corners of the world can dive into this thrilling narrative.

**4. The Hardcover Reveal:**

Recently, a buyer from the UK shared a captivating image of the hardcover edition of "Once Upon a Thief." The hardcover not only enhances the reading experience but also makes for a stunning addition to any bookshelf. The tangible feel of the hardcover adds an extra layer of authenticity to the gripping story within.

![Hardcover Reveal] ( )

**5. Why You Should Buy:**

- **Thrilling Escape:** "Once Upon a Thief" offers a thrilling escape into a world of intrigue and danger, promising a reading experience like no other.


- **Global Impact:** Your support has made this global journey possible, turning the book into a conversation starter across borders.

- **Hardcover Beauty:** The hardcover edition, as revealed by a UK buyer, is not just a book; it's a tangible piece of art that deserves a place on your shelf.

In conclusion, the success of "Once Upon a Thief" is a testament to the power of storytelling and the incredible support of readers like you. If you haven't embarked on this adventure yet, now is the time. Secure your copy, whether it's the paperback or the exquisite hardcover, and join the global community that can't stop talking about "Once Upon a Thief."

📚✨ Thank you for being a part of this thrilling journey!

Warm regards,

Shamsud Ahmed - 

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