Friday, January 20, 2012


( I am adding one more Poem from the Book)

Working In a paddock,
I heard a sweet ditty;
It’s indeed a fairy’s song,
Sharing the nature, a bit of her beauty.
I threw my hatchet in a haste,
Went up the hummock in search of the guest.
I saw the lily bright.
But the owner never in my sight.
I crossed the gorge,
And I crossed the ford.
I saw the leafy thistle,
I saw the naughty squerrel;
I came closer and closer,
To the sound of some clatter;
What’s this, its only the sound,
The owner of it I never found.

The book is available now at Flipkart I Am Dirty;I Need Washing


  1. Thank you Nirav....I will soon post few more from the book.

  2. Exceptional piece ! "The owner of it I never found."

    Loved it...

  3. Thank you Dee...happy that you like it


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