Monday, February 27, 2012

The "Then" and "Now"

Virtual talks, virtual boss,
Feelings virtual reality furtive;
Visions, dreams all killing,
Truth nowhere and lie a fugitive.

I am yours, you are mine it’s indeed a funny verse
like the morning dew silently away from the marsh;
Almighty - blessings to your soul,
Are you back from your stroll?

Wordsworth's daffodils lost in some concrete jungle,
My inspiration in those old pages;
Shakespeare's world closing and lost,
Who would be tomorrows host?

Happiness can be measured and sadness immense,
Poor - we are indeed;
Dying poles and undying speed,
I know not where we have reached.

What about the "Then" and "Now'?
Are we surviving? Somehow?
No thoroughfare, we are still moving;
let’s start working on our "Now"

Let’s not try nature, never try to tame.
Let the weather decide the rain;
Lets create better children for tomorrow
and forget about better tomorrow for our children

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