Saturday, February 25, 2012

Compte Rendu

O.K first let me help you with  'Compte Rendu' which means a Report. So this is a  report i am submitting to my readers.This Poem depicts the simple truth of Life. Do help me with your feedback.
compte rendu
Hollo Pollo nescient today.
Their life in a suitcase
Crosses boarders from savage soil
Into habitats - Plight untold.

Fear and accomplishment juxtaposed.
Shame and relief, young and old.
Many a promises being sold
Cloudy moonlight - your story unfolds.

Back in time with Stone Age truth
Fights for flesh
Oh ! The colour of the brook.
Heaven or hell - know not they. They pray.

New land found, years from now.
Yesterday's tomorrows lost in today.
Why change Pluto and not our fate?
Rising water it’s not late.

Good old days, let's find our place.

Shamsud Ahmed

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