Saturday, February 18, 2012


Here i present you a very simple Poem. Hope you enjoy.


These are words. Do words make sense?
Without them, I am still tense.
Dumb and deaf, the verses you bore,
Even a bird has sense.

Rivers and seas, all to the shore.
Birds and bees, your thoughts so pure ;
Hillocks and Hummocks, what do you see?
Wild Flowers, maybe that wilder tree.

Stars that twinkle into the frozen brook.
Peaceful fish in your hook,
Do you cry when it pricks?
Long for life, few more breath.

Evaporating greenery for man-made land,
Nature’s answer – “No more sand”
Sanity lost, where are we to?
Was their habitat, now in the zoo?

Cheers and keep Winning,
Shamsud A


  1. This is a fantastic write. Exceptionally simple, intellectually loaded, strong message.

    Evaporating greenery for man-made land,
    Nature’s answer – “No more sand”

    yes ...nature has started answering to the devastation we are doing

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