Thursday, February 23, 2012


A new Poem on a Thursday morning. This is a Poem inspired by life again. I have written this poem in 2 phase. So you might find 2 mindset playing in the poem. Hope you enjoy.
Like the whirlpool in the Ocean,
Like the typhoon from the sky;
Like those forest fire of the east,
Like those natives in the beach.

And those swirl inside my mind,
And the wind runs with the time;
And those fire in my breast;
All native today put to rest.

For those fortune you would not carry;
For that maiden you would not marry,
For that life you crossed the gorge,
For today I see all in the morgue.

Why not seek for our own roots?
Why not we go back to the books?
Why not pioneer a new momentum?
A new race under your ever smiling sun?

Shamsud A

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