Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back Again!

During those torrential rains,
I sojourned,
An evening reminiscent of merrier times;
Love, lust, trust!
Youth and freedom;
The slowdown only to speed up the Waywardness!

Defying tolerance of the physical;
Darkness and illogical,
Hunting for threat and infinite socializing,
We drove the lane of youthdom!?
Inculcated habits only death can kill;
Ideas! Only generations can map;
Life! We never could trap!!!

Today when I look back at the bylane,
Stretching out to the mammoth highway of life;
Interminably! Strains!  
I am back again,
With pulses from the days bygone,
Heavily guarded by practice,
The colors of judgments – unknown!

youthdom is used deliberately

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