Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life's Super Store

This is a wild Poem out of a wild hallucination. Somehow I feel we are slowly transitioning to a different level of humanity and we would not remain the regular homosapians. There is no harm dreaming and I am sure you would agree with me. Need some hard reading….enjoy!. Someone told me that I leave my readers in dilemma after reading my poem i.e my poems are not complete….have I done that again?

Life’s Super Store
Big Bang!
Primordial soul and life sprang;
And then all moved;
Grooved to their free flowing destiny,
And two lives stood beside the Hiddekel,
Who would justify the bloodline – Magical!

We are a part of this superstore called earth;
Nailed to the soil by our birth;
Who engulfs the moon and the sunlight!
Engulfing twilight and stormy night;
Engulfing hell and heaven of our inside,

Engulfing love, happiness and those frost bite;
Engulfing eternity – beyond our site,
Engulfing foolishness of the mere mortal,
Engulfing and omnipresent in total.

We bear the torch so I am the torchbearer,
You bear light and we are enlightened;
We carry a heart and so we are soulful,
You manufacture heart in your heaven’s bowl,

The life once again rises from the primordial soup;
This time dominated by the satan of the apple tree,
To set the human sanity free,
Free from the burden of Love,
Turning us to human robot,
Free from sacrificial act,
Now we never get late,
Free from destiny of a wistful life;
Every destiny now revived;
In the factories of tomorrow;
Though we continue moving, here only times grow;
Leaving us in a state of unmoving and unageing,
Regulated life becomes the spoke of a bigger vehicle,
Modeled in the principle of everlasting pinnacle.

Uageing: A non existent word as literally unageing is not right but i am sure in the future many dictionaries of the world would add that into thier list. I am hoping!

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  1. This is so delightfully profound!!! WOW!!

  2. Hey Thanks...enjoyed writing this one :))

  3. thats an interesting piece of writing.

  4. ...hey Shams what a wonderful delight!thanks man:)wow!!


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