Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Past sadness always brings in laughter
And happiness together, always tears.
If word can express everything, feelings and thoughts
Tell me the word from a dying man's mind
Words for untold imaginations and divine.
Inner soul sometimes tries to express
The suffocation of a man
Words for heavenly freedom and showering pains that rains.

What was the word for your overpowering love
And what is that now when I lost
And more word when my sense talks.
Logical boundary, we all cross
Word? When you are on the cross.
Sense and sensibility, wakes us up
One more word? For a majestic luck.
Tell me now, when the going gets tough?

Course of life, never change,
Source of life, who can claim?
Force of time, pushing us ahead.
Words of gain sometimes bring pain.

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  1. Some words aren't meant to be in the lexicon.. they're meant to be experienced and felt. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post :)

  2. Thank you Zach. Yep...sometimes its difficult to find word/s


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