Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Season changes!

Recently I have started receiving some real good feedback on my work and how to improve them. The below is an attempt to create something unique based on feedback from one of my readers. Thank you Doug.

Season changes!

I slept all morning and missed dawn,

The wet loam justified the rainfall long gone,

The candle while burning sheds tears;

How many leaves do the tree sheds during such storms.

Can never tell, can never tell and go wrong.

I am enslaved again and missed the dawn,

The thick blanket of white made it difficult to ensue;

But the fire within you made me amble through the valley,

I can see smoke through the old chimneys,

How many soldiers died in the chimneys of war?

Can never go, Can never go, in vain.

I can justify my Incarceration,

You’re Shadow which furled my siesta;

Turned to dark clouds and I live in dawn now.

Hope for the summer red and winter white is a dream now;

Who can count the blinks before a man die;

Can never know, Can never know, it pains.

Shamsud A

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