Thursday, March 15, 2012

The last Run

I am not good at writing love or romantic poems. My genre is basically dark side of life. However, recently i got some encouragement from someone and i want to try few more before i go back to what i do best. Please do not hate me if you don't like what you read. i do not moderate so you can leave your honest feedback :) 
The last run
If Survival is an instinct;
Let that instinct help us survive;
And I am ready to bargain my life,
Let us run and let them decide and surmise.

They say life follows a cycle,
And gets rejuvenated with time;
Let us orchestrate the movement,
And wait in the pavement of death.

For when we meet again;
We will be there till perpetuity,                          
We will sow our seeds again,
This time we are for eternity.

Let me borrow some twilight;
And some dewdrops for your mash,
For it’s a long trudge to our abode,
The journey would be harsh,

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