Friday, March 2, 2012



I embraced the lights until it’s blown;
Darkness embraced until it’s torn.
Embraced hope only thing known;
Fate embrace me, Maybe I am now grown.

Late bloomers still you engulf the desert,
The lost land under the sea;
"Hope" the climate of needs,
Myriad questions cryptic and free.

Energy we move on;
Panacea for Life.
Urge us to live;
Though Physically all dies.

Behold! One last time;
look around for clues of life,
Light years from now;
Words, whispers, feelings and cries.

Mankind I fear,
Creates, Destroys, Builds, Demolishes;
Lies, hatred, confrontations,
Are we still there...

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  1. Profound work, I love the first paragraph...

  2. oh lovely , beautifully expressed :)alka narula


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