Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I did not draw the course of life,
I did not draw death;
I did not miss the last bus,
I did not divulge my task.

Forgetful memories of a life,
Forgetful events till the last,
Forgetful breath and forgetful love - untold,
Forgetful stories and forgetful memoire – unsold.

The chronicle of my journey lies in my grave,
Wake me up and I will once again live;
To fulfil those unaccomplished task and overcome few lies,
How painful our last breadth for an unaccomplished life.

Wake me up I have a journey to make,
To the mountain to meet that sage;
Wake me I have to go back to my child,
To apologize for all those time I was in the wild.

Let me ring the bell for the God today,
Let me sing for my love today;
Let me seduce my spouse tonight,
Let me show that blind some light.

Help me rise on my foot,
Help me today with my boots;
For this is my last before I bid good bye,
As I want to see my lord – Eye to Eye.
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