Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am not great at writing Love Poems; however somhow i got inspired and thought of writing one :) i hope to see some genuine (good/bad/ugly) feedbacks.


When the winter chill bites;
Should I wrap you with the moonlight?
When the summer wind blows;
Should I take you and hide?
When the morning dew breaks;
Should I wake you up – my love?

A fancy has no boundary;
Should I sneak into your heart?
And write my name with light;
Should I seal it before the day break?
I don’t want to get late,
Should it take its own course Instead?
You said- I bring laughter;
You said – I am a hero and a fighter,
You said- I am your inspiration in bad times;
And you said we both rhymes;
You said I can take you through,
But for me – I love you.
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  1. you already sneaked into my hear....sorry a delibrate mistake not you but your com

    words :)

  2. Thank you Alka. This is a deliberate attempt to write something soft and i think i am successful to some extent.


Criticize or laud, because whether it's critique or accolade, I respect and appreciate it.

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