Saturday, March 24, 2012

Debauched Medicament

This is a old poem written few months back. The Poem depicts "Bad" and how "bad" has changed over time. Debauched medicament simply means Bad medicine..

Anyway i am trying to promote poetry to the mass and i believe we were poetic when we started as human being (homo sapiens) in this earth. All languages (the old one) are good proof. look at the old writing...... Mahabharata, Othello etc. Those were all poetic. help me in this endeavor and join hand with me at . That way i will know i have some energy behind me. You can also join me in twitter. 

Cheers and keep winning
Debauched Medicament 
The bacchanal abactor is back again,
To play his gamewith a beele;
Drives his hunt away to the unknown,
This cacogen is wild and rides like a claviform.

Repudiated by his folks,
He is in folklore’s and limericks;
His heroics though reprehensible,
He lives and is a true fabulist.

Today the fandango has changed,
He no more rushes for the wild;
This concrete jungle has more for him,
There is more in the life of human being.

He sneaks in the darkness,
Drives like a claviform in flight;
To hunt his prey – this time cold blooded,
This brings in dosh, loaded.

His is fatidical and happy with his mactation,
No more in folklore and limericks;
But in the gazetter every day,
Hides in the magnality grottos of today.

He is many faces and many names,
With one mission of obliteration;
His mammonism is immense,
His death brings in more manace.

Shamud A
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