Saturday, March 31, 2012


My sunshine vanished in the cloud,
 And the moon cleverly hides you in its shadow;
Whom should I blame?
You blamed it on the sun.

You brought happiness along,
Silently absorbed sadness and made me strong;
You added me to multiply when you are gone,
This bundle of happiness – our son.

All riches – makes no sense,
Food and honey – lacks judiciousness,
Time heals – makes no sense,
Aging maturity – makes no sense,
Baby – my child let’s dance in the rain,
Every breadth is now for you in this chain.

Can I meet you by the heaven’s gate?
Escort me to the judgment and my fate.

Shamsud A
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  1. It was a lovely composition Sir. I can clearly see the pain you inscribed through your words...

    It felt nice to connect with you... :)

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