Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday Blogging - Stray Bullet

Sunday Blogging - Stray Bullet
I want to thank each one of you for your mails and comments in my blog. Those simple messages helped me to compile the right book cover and today I am sitting with 30 good poems from 6 different contributors. The hunt for two more poets continues and I am sure I ll find them by the end of the month.  I should have the book published by the 15th of next month.
Anyway I have a new poem for you today. The poem is raw and I have written in one sitting. I will rework on this poem soon. Let m know if you find yourself somewhere in the Poem. After all we are stray bullets and even a stray bullet has its destination.

Stray Bullet
The blank pages of my diary,
Reflects the nothingness of my life;
I am trying hard to create a story out of it,
Every day I promise to strive;
Procrastination though is lovers delight;
Few more moment by the heart’s side.

So I lingered through the darkness in search of light;
Ready for a battle or at least a fight;
Do not give up now,
And wait for some sunrise;
Though we are derailed at times,
Hit the road again and surprise!
There may be some time left to redefine this life.

I can blame the entire world today,
I can even forge a story;
But when I look at the mirror,
It’s always me behind the light;
One man whom I need to delight,
It was me behind that fall and during my rise.

I am not done yet,
Nights are always meant to fight;
But day light can take me to soaring height,
One man from who I cannot hide;
And separate the wrong from the right,
Even in darkness and blinding light,
In burning deserts and frost bites;
Someone inside wants me to fight and be brave;
‘cause we follow ourselves to the ultimate grave.

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