Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life - Cabalistic!

Life – Cabalistic!

The Molting Sun always leaves behind
Its fragrance for the moon to shine,
Passing memories reigns my moments
Mellowed over the years, I believe in Omens!

I believe in the moments of truth,
I rely cripplingly on my exertions fruit,
I cross limits to create new paradigm,
Benchmark for me and for other’s sometime.

I reminisce playing in the Garden of Eden;
‘Cause I believe in re-embodiment;
I believe in true love and involvement,
Till the end and beyond eternity,
I believe in serendipity;

I believe in the road to Heaven,
Hell is where our thoughts metaphors pain;
I believe in living till the end;
Dying beside my loved one’s and friend,
Uncovering the mystery of happiness - Grand!

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  1. I liked the way you combined your beliefs and life in this poem. Good one Shamsud!


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