Monday, May 28, 2012

Adversity- the Teacher

Adversity- the Teacher
I have been to the school of gen;
To learn the lessons of life;
To understand failures and how to rise,
To cognize the hollowness of affiliations;
And of those interminable dealings and reasons.

I rose to occasions of sunlight,
And have fallen flat during darkness of life;
I decided to learn from adversity,
I stratagem new ways to beat calamity,
‘Cause we sometimes need to decipher simplicity;

The brave fight the battle to Win,
The fools fight to die;
The true leader fights to live,
Learns from adversity – Never retreat;
Adversity is the teacher and adversity – they beat.

Adversity breaks some men;
Some men rise to break records,
If you faint your strength is small,
Pull your socks and be bold,
In the school of life we too grow old.
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  1. Lovely. And good too. Though I am not a big reader of verses, I liked this.

    Incidentally , I just read,
    a touching tribute in verse. Somehow I felt yours too, touches certain areas.


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