Saturday, May 12, 2012

I creep

I creep
I creep …in darkness;
I lost……lost
You gain;
I sweep…..your brain;
Sweep sweep sweep;
The ignorance;
The path is dull and dusty;
I move…Oh! I walk;
It rains……colourful and rusty;
It pains;
Perennial ….never ending;
I bleed…..slit…tamed inside this soul;
And I walk again.
I synchronised and you retreat;
I call your number….you retreat;
I call it pain and you “shame”,
I rub my eyes again,
I feel the rain in them,
And you have a tale to tame;
I am lost…lost
I saw that yesteryears ghost;
Punctured hole and blot;
The blood clot!
I creep…creep creep creep.

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