Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hold On!

Hold On!

I made innumerable journeys through the light,
And brushed with the wind and tide;
I sauntered in the wilderness in search of destiny,
Dark, lonely and perennial the nights – I cried.
I assumed death to be the ultimate respite,
From the vagaries of lives ultimate desires,
Alas! That was right for I died thousand deaths,
Now life is a bed of thorns – I misread.

I turn to darkness and carry my light,
I turn to hope and moved against the tide;
And countered agony with a renewed smile,
Now I love that dale and move through all the aisles.
‘Cause On the other side of the moon, there is light,
When honesty becomes the might;
And truth becomes the only option to fight;
They give others the strength to hold on to life.

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