Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Blogging

Sunday Blogging
Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all those mails pertaining to the new book. Though I have received few very good Poems, I have short listed six poets as of now. I have also got contribution from one English poet too. So I will wait and continue hunting for 4 more poets to complete the collection which I will do soon.  

As a part of Amazon promotion the below book can be downloaded free today. Let me know if you like the read.

Now for the most important task. I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Saher who has a fantastic Blog -

Thank you so much for this kind gesture, Saher .I am new to blogging and I am elated . This  ould definitely put me in position where I need to deliver my best now.

Time for fulfilling the ritual:
  1.     Thank the person who nominated you.
  2.     Post a picture of the award on your blog.
  3.     Share 7 random thoughts about yourself.
  4.     Choose bloggers to pass the award to.
  5.     Inform them about it.
C. Sharing random thoughts about myself:

1.      I love Reading and cannot remain away from a book for too long.
2.      I have a habit of carrying a book everywhere I go.
3.      I love nature and you will see reflection of this in most of my poems
4.      I believe in mass social change through books, literature, poetry etc and always looking for opportunity to contribute
5.      I have a dream of starting a college some day
6.      I love music (Both Indian and western)
7.      I believe in free economy and hate politics (though it’s a necessary evil)

 D.Award deserving bloggers: 
  1.  Saru - Words
  2.  Anupam - Reflections
  3. Rohini Singh solitudesublime
  4.  Alka Narula - alkanarula
  5. Seema - art.seema
  6.  Amit - amitaag
  7. Debdatta – mohur
  8.  Rupam Sharma - rupamsarma
  9.  Thoughtconnect - thoughtsconnect
  10.  Valli - poetrymyfeelings

  1.  Cheers and Keep Winning
    Shamsud Ahmed
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