Friday, May 18, 2012

The Abominated Trooper

The Abominated Trooper
I rise from the debris of the past,
To delist myself from the list of the dark;
I pull myself from the ghost of my nights,
And resisted the pain of those cries.

And I move,
Crossing fields of gold following the slivery light;
Crossing seas following the pristine star of the north,
And I Run,
Following Life adorned with Patels of happiness,
Following Love in every alleyways of life.

I jostle myself alerting myself of the time;
I strive, I strike and I devise,
My tomorrows – Now!
I encircle and revisit;
Moments of truth – Somehow,
I grow – Blow by Blow
Effacing mistrust brow by brow;

There are more ordinary lives in the vista!
Phote source: pxleyes
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