Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mind Game

Mind Game
I hide behind the light and let my shadow grow,
This is to boost my esteem and enchain your ego;
I toss few chances and let my foe win,
But destiny is proclaimed in my rising,
Reaching, breathing, soaring…

I joined the March and let the jingoism take over,
And when the commanders bled his breath out;
The forerunners all inclined to my habitat,
I lead from behind to be at the anvil and reach here;
Preaching, Seizing, growing…

I sought after life and let them bury the death,
The battle cry can be heard from the sky;
This is to welcome the lords to join my squad,
And lead me to victory;
Today life needs revival and death seeks for survival,
Bleeding, Pleading, vanishing…

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