Tuesday, May 29, 2012



You called me fool when I restored the sunshine,
In your heart and showered happiness;
That is all I had – Humility and calmness;
Your bitterness is egotistical and vested
But my love – Time tested!
Today too the world concluded a circle,
Tomorrow our spirit is destined to encircle;
We sometimes ignore the dialogue of our soul,
Sometime we too need an overhaul!

If you failed in the last attempt,
Try and blossom when you rise;
You might not be a seasonal flower,
Who showers and shines every season;
But you do have a reason;
You can be the desert rose,
Who shines late but spreads the ultimate innocence of beauty,
You can be the flowering bamboo, who has its duty,
You can be the shower during the draught;
You can be the harness and sometimes the float.

If you are weak, do not panic;
Buy immunity from the shark,
You can be low and sometimes harsh;
You still polish though you are the prickly brush,
If you have failed to become the diamond,
You can still be the coal and create fire;
Powering generations and your children’s desire,
You pop out of nowhere and destined to infinity;
In between we have a life out of serendipity.

Source: aeroplanes.com
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