Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beast Inside

This Poem is inspired by the Last Indian Ishi who appeared in North Carolina in the year 1911. Ishi is believed to have been the last Native American in Northern California to have lived most of his life completely outside the European Americanculture. At about 49 years old, in 1911 he emerged from the wild near Oroville, California, leaving his ancestral homeland, present-day Tehama County, near the foothills of Lassen Peak, known to Ishi as "Wa ganu p'a".

Beast Inside

I have seen the beast today,
Inside the darkness of human soul;
It is thriving with infinite empowering,
Its embodiment is daunting;
Coming back to us and haunting.

I have felt the beast today,
In the streets of humanity;
Dividing souls and unity,
The hunt for the last tribe is on,
Restless souls until they are gone,
Ishi, the last Red Indian lost his soil,
Hunger brought him to the land of man,
Shame! Shame!
You die in your own land.

Now we move to the Andaman,
Or to the Australian soil;
Brazilian Peruvian frontier;
Amazon cleared and we all stare!?
I have seen the beast and I do care.

War of the world not too far;
Dig your fossils and stop this war,
Dig your heart Dig your mind;
Dig your past and let us rewind,
Dig out friendship and dump those combat;
Dig freedom, humanity and decide your kismet.

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