Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Emaciated Wreck

Emaciated Wreck
Let’s talk about the nights;
Do you sleep in quietude?
Turning and twisting, way of life,
Darkness prevails and loss of sights,
We survive every night of irrational thoughts,
Sunlight personifies them as mere jokes;
We strive every evening for a night to ruminate,
Sunlight personifies them as vague,
We dip our fingers into the keyboard of thoughts,
Sunlight reminds us that most of them as hitherto bought.
We dig deep inside our mind to look for fragrant,
Of yesteryear unkempt gen;
Sunlight defines them as mindless and pain.

What about your day;
Do you dwell in solitude?
Howling and groaning, way of life,
Sunshine prevails and reality bites,
We ramble around the alleys of logic;
Heartbeats reserved for some other day,
Moments preserved but never say,
Optimism marinated with reasons for the night,
Pessimisms are duty bound chores – No respite!
At the end of the rate race we are stiil rats;
We are still chased by those ugly cats,
Blinding Nights! What about your days?
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  1. yeah ...even to enjoy a few moments in life we have to check our calenders :(

    At the end of the rate race we are stiil rats;
    We are still chased by those ugly cats,
    How true ...

    1. Yes..true. Sometimes you really don't know where we are heading. what is right or wrong? you end up becoming a zombie moving in the circle of day and night

  2. So True, We keep running and running and running and most of the time we are not sure after what we are running!


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