Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Millions of stars switched off today;
To justify the darkness of my life,
Millions of sun burned red inside my soul;
To justify the pain of each bite,
Fish! Fish! Fish!
Life in a cage,
Living! Unmoved! Rest!

I look behind to that young soul;
Stupid enough to commit that crime,
Eons passed and lost count of time;
This old man wants to talk to that youth now,
Rewind and rectify somehow,
Lost years in this cage of time,
Fish! Fish! Fish!
Life lacks rhythm and rhyme.

Maybe I will be out one day,
Maybe I can justify my deeds some day;
Maybe I meet myself one day,
Today I am a fish, crowded in this unpitying pond;
Fish! Fish! Fish!
Here I come and gone.

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  1. ...wonderful poem Shams:) and the illustration makes it so vivid..!

  2. That was a very inspiring poetry. I always really like this kind of poetry. I got plenty of poetry during my high-school days before because I'm fund writing it. Anyway thanks for posting and sharing it ( ^_^)


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