Thursday, June 7, 2012

Untangling a bit!

Untangling a bit!
Enjoy what you have today,
For tomorrow is a different day;
Tomorrow is uncertain and is a mystery,
Yesterday’s bucket is heavy and carries a story;
We can feel our body today,
So enjoy this wonderful machine;
For tomorrow you might regret for not using its might,
Try and look at your tomorrow in today’s light,
‘Cause you can think, feel and act only in today’s fight.
So Dance and Romance…

Yesterday has positioned you as an individual,
A man of success or failure;
A man to be loved or full of hatred,
A man showering the afternoon sun or a man with the pleasant sunset;
Today you can change your fate,
Today is never late;
You can get out of that lazy bed,
Put your procrastination to rest;
Do not haste!
Join that music class or go play with the rest.
You can fail and maybe you end up being the best.
So Forgive and forget…

Do not look into the mirror all the time,
You are beautiful;
Think of the time when you grow old;
You might end up longing for what you have today,
You are the most beautiful;
Like those wild flowers by the bay.
Listen to failure stories,
Success stories are good but failures bring you food.
A different perspective is just a different outlook;
Even in darkness your heart sees light.
So Strive and Strike…

Come back to senses,
You have been riding for a long time;
You are tough but not with the moving sun,
You have hope but sometimes it’s good to have fun;
There are occasions of failures when we learn,
There were occasions of love when we turn,
To the closest one – closer than the soul;
The feeling inside – young and old.
So love and unfold…

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  1. I think we all need such an untangling in our lives. Lovely poem Shamsud!

  2. Thank you Saru. This is an assortment of many thoughts :)


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