Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rousing Cadence - An Experience!

Today is a great day for me. Though I have published my first book “I Am Dirty I Need Washing” sometime back; I am more excited today. This is because, we have done something very unique and the experience in this journey was great. I always knew that getting people to write Poetry for a book which would be published and edited by an unknown soul would be difficult. The tougher equation would be to continuously keep yourself connected to all the contributors who are very good in their own field and some of them are established poets. The most difficult though was to shortlist poets for the book as I had to reject few of them and I am not happy about that.

Now finally the book is out. I am aware that there would be criticism and I am also aware that there could be hundreds different things which we could have done better but again we do not publish a book every day. We have learnt from this book and we will use our experience to venture into newer and better territory for our next as “Rousing Cadence” is a platform for new and untapped talent across India and abroad. I will not move away from this initiative.

As all this has happened within a span of few months I have many people to thank here. However; the biggest THANK YOU should go to the potential of human thinking and technology. We would not have been talking here without the advent of telecommunications and internet which made so many things possible. My thank you to Indiblogger which is a terrific platform for bloggers in India and abroad (though we are all aware of its flaws). The blogging community immensely supported me in this venture and I am very sure this is something they will continue to do.

I welcome suggestion for the book. The simple objective of the book is to reach maximum people and continue to inspire new poets in the long journey that we have decided to take up. You all can play a simple role by letting others know - Help me getting more people to join in this endeavor

Thank You For your Continuous Support.

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I congratulate Abhishek, Alka, Amit, Jess, Saru and Sohail and Seema for being such a wonderful team and help me take the book to the next level. They all are great writers and more importantly very good human being and I am extremely delighted to work with each one of them.

Cheers and Keep Winning,

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  1. Thank you from all of us. It has been a learning experience for me. A beautiful milestone in my blogging journey!

  2. Hey, this must feel great..! Congrats count me in next time
    and yes you can reject me if you do not like my work :)

  3. Thank you. You write well and so you are welcome. For the next we have a competition coming in soon which will enable us to select the best


Criticize or laud, because whether it's critique or accolade, I respect and appreciate it.

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