Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Counting Life

Counting Life

There lies the old man behind the church,
He was a young boy and a child one day;
Today he terminated all contract with the living world,
Days under the wrath of the sun, now happier – his soul.

Life can be miserable, Life can be good,
Life can be cowardly; you decide your food;
Life can be Insulated, Quarantined and deprived,
Life is for those who survived,
Life can be devilish, evil and in a cave,
Life can be soulful – While living or dead;
Life in the forest or in your bed,
Revive – It’s never too late!

Life is freedom and life has a rhythm,
Life is divine and life – all the season;
You try for life – never achieve it,
Let it go, live and you receive it;
Life is love in its winter warmth Galore,
Life is love in its summer breeze glamour;

Do not count the years;
The old man lived and died,
Count the life in those years;
Count the life lived without fears;
Count the life lived without tears;
Life lived with dignity and life with conquest;
Sometimes insanity van quest,

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  1. ...'do not count the years' is the essence of life and living! A lovely poem Shams:0

    1. Exactly...that is the whole idea about LIVING :)

  2. Third paragraph makes a lot of sense to me. Great poem.:)


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