Friday, June 15, 2012


So the Campaign is on,
Lol! ha ha ha
Let our president be bold
Lol! Ha ha ha
The politics of Politics;
Handshake and many sold,
The savior from the east,
Lol! ha ha ha
Till yesterday, you were the beast.
Supremely odd I am yet to understand those hides;
Today it’s the sanction and now on the other sides,
Lol! ha ha ha
Bharat! India! Mother!
Humanity in distress, we wonder,
Plummeting economy sidelined,
New negations – together they dined,
People in the street – Who feeds?
Food in the dark ally of your corridor;
Who feeds?
Dirty! Dirtier!
Your politics of death;
You prejudiced living soul;
Prejudiced death in the valley,
Prejudiced the east for your feast;

So your Campaign is on,
Lol! ha ha ha
At the cost of many gone,
Enclosing barbed wire and our son;
Death is cold,
Evil protected by taxing blood,
There is no respite during flood!
Those pristine hills under auction;
Lol! ha ha ha
Super Power of tomorrow! Our vision!?

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  1. Replies
    1. The fight for the new president is on....more on the political front rather than selecting/electing the right one. lol ha ha ha


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