Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call
I am convinced now,
There was darkness in my journey till today;
I never saw the beauty along my way,
I did not discern my loved ones and now I pray,
Never bothered to go back to any of my day;
I am a coward and today I pray.

I remember few phone calls and few letters exchanged;
Now I identify the aroma, everything changed,
I linger in this yester year’s street;
I had a life below these newly layered concrete,
Help me remove the blackness of this path,
Help me remove that blackness from my past.

I was never the man that you call now,
There was darkness in my journey;
I never noticed somehow,
I can hear all those laughter’s from the distant land,
Even remember the castle in the sand;
I have come a long way, my friend.

I am drenched in this monsoon rain;
Tear and water oozing in pain,
Who lost? It’s a zero sum game!
I can board the flight but today I will take the train,
Let me trace each moment back to those rain;
Back to my youth and back to Insane,

Tomorrow could be my last breath,
And this, my last read,
Tomorrow can change destiny,
I have seen and lived with hope, so many,
Leaving all that you gained, little uncanny,
Your folks need you and your granny.
Source: jpcadmissions.wordpress
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  1. That was very insightful-could be true of any of us.We all make errors of judgement Shamsud & often take wrong turns;life is all about correcting our mistakes

  2. Thank you Indu. Life is all about correcting and learning from mistakes.


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