Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back Home

Today I present you with a poem written few years back. This is a little abstract and would need few readings as the poem is full of graphics. I no more write similar poems. Also recently one of my poem is published by http://www.thoughtconnect.com/ . I am really grateful to the Editor for selecting my work to publish in their site. You can read the poem here.
Also Frogcroon has published one of my work last month: Debauched Medicament

Back Home
Ablaze - the town I see,
Mall of wild and bee.
Thorny life acidified to the nerve;
Some for the smoke and others only herbs.

Smoky scenario amidst I dwell,
Though away I have the smear;
Away for the one now gone
Again the dying flowers with the living thorn.
Wake you up in the middle of the dark
now in my part only crows bark.

Animals, Animals, Why are you watered?
Along with you I am.
Me against the ground;
and you deep into it.

Rough life socialized to rules
Customs old, only for the fools.
Let me change with one more from the vault;
A bonding absent under my belt.

Shamsud A

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