Thursday, March 22, 2012

Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality
Tonight you sleep,
Let me fetch a dream for you;
Let me embalm all pains and sing a lullaby
A ditty I am carrying for eons.
Do you ponder dreaming’ bout a life,
Of togetherness and beyond;
Or should I shower some roses into your reverie.

I have bought an onyx for enlightenment,
I have crossed the gorge to bury those Melancholy strains;
I know the dream merchants, who sell colored water,
Let me sprinkle some on you,
And take you to the shower of life;
Whose symphony lies in the garden of hope!

And when the morning star shines bright,
Let me wake you up and nourish you with the manna of love;
I am not a rhymester but I do sway,
And embody my heart with the tide of time;
Shamsud A
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