Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kolad - A Journey to the wilderness

In case you visited my blog and went back disappointed as there was no new  Upload in the last 2 days is due to the fact that I was away. I have been to a place called Kolad in Maharashtra and you might have guessed from the photograph above and below that I had a great time. Yes! I had a very good time with my mobile and other gazettes not working.

I am back now and the below is an inspiration from my visit though I will share a real poem soon with you all. Thank you all for your visits.

You move with the wind and flow with the river,
This habitat has engulfed my soul,
I can feel my thoughts and the words within,
And the pristine loam took me to its world.

I slept by the tree with curious life around,
Some endangered and few in abundance;
I saw love everywhere and in the marine,
The moonlight and the stars swayed.

I celebrated life once again,
And the aura I carry back with me;
Returning home was always a compulsion for survival;
From that wilderness to this concrete jungle.

Finally before a bid adieu i would like to update you that my book is now added to jacketflap with a youtube Video. If you like what you read here you can leave your feedback by visiting the link below. Click below:
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