Monday, March 19, 2012

Subtle Reality

Can there always be truth in honesty?
Can a blood line run though dynasty?
Man’s life is but a dream,
Continuously creating infinite patterns;
Like an abandoned boat in the sea.
We drift away from reality
When our child hood plants grows to adult tree.

God is hilarious,
Irrespective of his existence or not;
He expects uniformity from his flawless heterogeneity,
This is more than a jester can handle in all audacity.
Can there always be pain in ignominy?
And happiness in your success and victory?

Can you surpass life by simply dying and live by lying?
In search of a shadow to rest our tired body;
We are seldom cheated with dark clouds – we are nobody.
A looser always looks for the setting sun for asylum.

I see greenery beyond that mountain wall;
And hope around this new town;
I am not bothered now for those in the wild,
Let me begin this journey of thousand mile.

Shamsud A

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