Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hey Careful!

Impasse, all blocked, 
the malls are close; 
Contractors of life, 
Behold! The child is locked.

Crippled mind with haggard outgrowth,
Your lips look beautiful when you smile;
We are lonely inside when alone,
Alone in the garden of thorn,

Alone in the corner and hopeful.
Alone when we know not anyone,
Sometimes crazy and always fool;
Stranger - Hey careful.

Stage - the world, so we act?
Cajoled into sharing fakes;
Miffed when not invited,
Feckless ineffectual talks - ignited.

Dire straits of confused crossroads;
It was a musical deadly soiree,
We all participated and now back to school;
Stranger - Hey careful.

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