Friday, March 16, 2012


I have written enough of romantic Poems in the last few days though I know I am not great in that genre. Now i am back to my space and I present you this Poem. Please read this poem one line at a time and try and digest. Also let your imaginations flow. The poem has some questions for you. I don't believe in writing for the critique. All my poems are meant for the mass and I try and keep them simple. Here are the questions for you before you read this Poem.

Where do you go?
What do you contemplate?
How do you act?
Where is your life?

Cheers and Keep Winning,

Life is numbered in breadth
And destiny in deeds;
Where do you go?
When the sun stops shining on you.

Are you curious about your journey?
The journey of life!
Whom do you want to meet now?
When you know your time somehow.

What do you contemplate?
When your thoughts are conditioned.
Can you separate yourself from the crowd?
And recite your thoughts aloud.

How do you act?
When the social stigma shows patterns.
Would you run away from the worldly truth?
Of mystic and unseen connection of humanity’s book.

Where is your life?
In the sequestered chamber of your heart?
Would you unlock it and set it free?
We are peaceful birds and not human tree.

Shamsud A

One of the feedback i would store for years on this poem

hm-mm This makes me ponder. I admire your very intriguing, truthful and great poem you got here. I don't know about the other youths but I know I see a lot of social stigma patterns that is definitely holding humanity back from being the peaceful birds we can be. I just wish we can all connect our thoughts so we can know existences for what they are. I love all the questions and how you so eloquently used them to shed light. You gave me exactly what I ask for, a great write.  

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  1. Love those opening lines!!! I may just hang them on my bathroom mirror. Very inspiring. :)

  2. Thank you have made my day.


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