Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today I Sing

Today-I Sing
My song talks about the birds and bees
My song talks about the big blue seas;
My song long for the sagacity of life,
And my song talks about fundamental rights.

My songs are harsh as the winter chill,
Poacher hunting in the wilderness for the kill;
One inside us, personified at times for the thrill,
We butchered humanity and exchanges bill.

We are in a transition from debauched to foul,
My song talks about those lost soul;
My song rise and fall with humanity,
My song salvaged from savage jingoism and insanity.

I ponder vitality of tender youthful days;
I sing for harvest in the month of dry hays;
I sing for a life full of sun rays;
My song talks of bountiful night and forgiving days.

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